The Puzzle

dad hmcs kamsack

HMCS Kamsack

by Ken Kristjanson

Growing up in the latter part of the great depression and into the war years, we were fortunate to get one present at Christmas. Many families got none. We would think about what we wanted all year. I wanted a Buddy L dump truck. Times were tough and money was tight and my father would often say if he had an extra dollar in his pocket, it went to buy nets. We kids didn’t know any different and thought with all the suffering in the world due to the war raging everywhere, we were lucky to be living in Gimli. One Christmas during the war we received a family present. A 500 piece puzzle. It was a picture of a Canadian Corvette. This was Canada’s answer to the U Boat menace that was sinking ships in the North Atlantic faster than the ship yards could build them. It became world famous for its speed and killing efficiency.

As was the custom, all the family including grandparents would gather at our home for the traditional Christmas dinner. It seemed to us kids that the dinner and good wishes would last forever. When the magnificent dinner was over and the dishes washed, the guests went on their way to their respective homes. Then dining room table was cleared and the puzzle spread out. Everyone looking for pieces that matched