Vaka folk festival fundraiser

Last year Gúðrun Ingimarsdóttir (Rúna) came to Victoria and gave one of the finest lectures/performances we‘ve had and that is saying a great deal because the Richard and Margaret Beck Trust has brought many fine lecturers over the years. Rúna didn´t just lecture about traditional singers and kvæðamenn and rimur, she (and her husband) sang rimur for us, demonstrating beautifully this old folk tradition which is so much part of our culture. Rúna´s lecture was so successful that she has been asked to return to Victoria in 2016 to join with Patricia Baer to offer a credit course during the summer.

Because of a change in funding, the festival with its traditional Icelandic music, dance and handcraft, has to raise an extra six thousand dollars. To do this, she has had to go to crowd funding.

The crowdfunding site is at

She says that the participants are passionate performers and promoters of traditional Icelandic music, dance and handcraft. They all live in North Iceland and are members of the folk dance group Vefarinn, the societies of traditional musicians, Rima and Gefjun, and a society for handcraft, Handraðinn. They are farmers, managers, store workers, hospital staff, engineers, fishermen and teachers joining hands to celebrate our cultural heritage. You can email them at

Their project: Vaka
Rúna says, “We are organizing Vaka, a truly Icelandic folk festival, in the town of Akureyri, on the north coast of Iceland, 10 – 13 of June, 2015. Our mission is to show the whole world how remarkable Icelandic traditional music, dance and handcraft really is. We don’t want our deep-rooted and personal music, dance and handcraft to be thrown aside and forgotten. We’ve been surviving in isolated and small societies for far too long – it’s time we make our selves be noticed. Vaka is where we can show who we are and what it’s all about; it’s organized by us, according to our priorities and standards; Vaka is where we celebrate our heritage and have an opportunity to grow.

We have invited folk artists from our neighboring countries to join us. They’re all eager to come, share their music and dance and experience ours. We are very excited to get them here to north Iceland where we can see how they work with their traditions and to enjoy their dedication and skill.

The organizing team for Vaka is: Sigurlaug (Silla) for Vefarinn, Guðrún (Rúna) for Ríma, Anna for Gefjun and Guðrún (Hadda) for Handraðinn.


This a project well worth supporting. The amount needed isn’t large but it is critical. Send them a few dollars so Vaka can continue. These are exactly the kind of performers we should be bringing to our Icelandic celebrations across Canada.