í fyrir ísland

Robyn Shesterniak had a table at the Gimli Park Pavilion. Shesterniaksdottir? Nope. An Icelandic mother, nope. But, there on the table in front of her was an alphabet book for the Icelandic letters. Bright, colorful, attractive, just the thing for a little kid learning the A,B,Cs or the Ö, ð,æs.

Robyn said she´d wanted to go to Iceland for a long time. She first was attracted to Icelandic music, particularly that of Valgeir Sigurdsson and Seabear. That led to looking at landscape photos, then the internet and she was hooked.

Robyn needed an elective to complete her degree. She took Field Studies at University of Manitoba. Every year ten students are chosen to go to Iceland to learn all about various aspects of Icelandic life, history and literature.

For three weeks they travelled the Ring Road and the Westfjords, went to museums, attended a poetry reading, stayed at Holt. These for her were the high points. She echoes many others when she says that the scenery was incredible.

Every student had to complete a final project. The alphabet book was Robyns.

Now, there´s multiculturalism at work.