Welcome to WWIII

I grew up in the shadow of the H-bomb. When I went to the movies, there was a cartoon, a trailer, and the news. The news was big, as big as the movie screen. In black and white there were images from Hiroshima, of atomic bomb testing, of mushroom clouds.
At times, I looked to the horizon watching for a mushroom cloud. I thought about shelter, about radiation, about contamination, about dying of radiation disease. WWII was still so much with me that at night if I heard an airplane and woke up, I still went to the window to see if German paratroopers were descending from the sky. I knew about paratroopers because of the newsreels but also because there was an airbase close to town and once a year they held an air force day.  We watched men parachuting out of a plane and floating to earth.
That’s how I knew what a machine gun sounded like. How the brass casings flew away from the machine, blinking and shining in the sunlight, and how the slugs made the sand spray up at the end of the shooting range.
Those were the sounds of war. In many places today, especially in Africa and the Middle East, they are still the sounds of war. But these are just sideshows, tribal conflicts over local privilege and territory. Even the long running conflict between Israel and the Iranians is a family feud.
The real war, WWIII is already well underway. Germany made two attempts at conquering Europe, of increasing its living space by invading its border states and Russia. Both attempts failed. Trench warfare failed, shock and awe Blitzkrieg failed.
The latest assault on Europe is succeeding or has been succeeding until lately. England, once again, is the isolated island nation, refusing to fall under the domination of Germany. Ireland has fallen, Spain, Portugal, a hodge podge of others, have fallen under the Euro assault. The way to dominate is no longer with guns and H-bombs, for who wants a radioactive wasteland? Who wants the cost of having to rebuild?
Assassination by financial instruments is cleaner. Debt is the slave’s yoke that fools happily put around their neck only to discover it is not so easy to take off. In the days of yore, money lenders knew that they could control a king by lending him money for his extravagances and his ambitions.
In Europe, the myth of equal states in the European Union has been exposed as a lie. Everyone dances to Germany’s tune. The French, as always, believing themselves more sophisticated than the Germans, their French wine in crystal glasses superior to German beer hall mugs, having deluded themselves, once again, that they are equal, or even superior to the Germans, have found that Germany rules.
The Irish have succumbed without a whimper. The Spanish are confused and distraught. Only the Greeks are putting up a fight. Democracy no longer exists in Greece. The governing party is at eight percent in the polls. How can they claim legitimacy? The Germans, like the Romans during the days of the Roman Empire before them, decide who runs the Greek government.  The Greeks, in their despair and fury, having turned on themselves, throw petrol bombs at their own police and the police fire tear gas at their fellow citizens. They’re fighting with the wrong people.
There is supposed to be an election in Greece in February. It is unlikely that any election will be held because the outcome is obvious. The people will vote for a government that will leave the Euro and the European Union. Compliant bureaucrats from Brussels, unelected civil servants, have become the new proconsuls.
The only hope for the Greeks to return to democracy is to leave the Eurozone, to give up the Euro, to go back to the drachma. If the Icelanders had given in to the demands of the European banks, they would have committed their people to decades of servitude. The people have no obligation to pay for the follies of the bankers who created a system that would turn everyone into a slave subject to an economic theocracy. The people have no responsibility for banks that make bad loans.
Behind Merkel, the Chancellor of Germany, are the financial institutions that have created a situation where everyone is in their debt. The safety net of individual currencies was destroyed by the Euro. When a country spent too much, the interest it had to pay for borrowed currency went up and made borrowing less feasible. The system had built in limits. With the creation of the euro zone, those limits disappeared.  If Ireland borrowed more than it could pay, it didn’t matter because someone else would pay. The EU became like a wealthy family with some thrifty and some spend thrifts, some good managers, some not good managers, but all being able to borrow as much as they wanted because someone else in the family would cover the bill. Except, except, except, there’s much more to it than that.
Don’t blame the German people. They work hard. They save their money. They’re smart, industrious. They took on the burden of East Germany after it was ruined by the Russians. They don’t want the rest of Europe. They didn’t create economic warfare.
Lend enough money to the bankers of Iceland without caring whether it can be paid back or not because when the bankers have stolen as much as they can and fled, the people can be made to take on the burden of those debts. Or so it was thought. Debts that would have turned every man, woman and child in Iceland into an indentured servant. Iceland could have been conquered without a shot fired. Except the government said no.
Greece, save your people. Recognize that what you are suffering is because the world has plunged into economic warfare, with the same intent as any war, to conquer, to subjugate, to enslave. Find your freedom in the drachma. You do not even have the choice of being a well fed servant or being a poor free man. You will be a destitute servant. Your unemployment for young people is already over 40%. Your economy that could have been revived by the fall of the drachma, cannot be revived.
Outside of the euro, the drachma, like the Icelandic kronur would have fallen, Greece would have become a cheap holiday destination, Greek goods would have been exported as fast as they could be produced. Employment would have been next to zero.
The banks don’t care who suffers, just so long as it’s not them. They fear default swaps, swaps they never should have made. They loaned money they never should have loaned. They embarked on a plan to monetize everything and everyone, including generations not yet born. They made bad loans. Let it be their problem.
As for Merkel, let her intimidate someone else, the Portugese or the Spanish, or the Irish, but maybe when they see that Iceland has said no and avoided  becoming an indentured country and Greece does the same, maybe they’ll make the same decision. Will there be ruins? Yes, but they will be financial ruins, not the ruins of atomic weapons. Will there be suffering? Yes, but it cannot be avoided. Will the rules need to be changed so both politicians and financiers may not threaten democracy? Yes. Drastically.
WWIII. Will Merkel, Brussels and the bankers win it? Or will the people rise up and demand their freedom?