Fill my soul with colour

I posted an article with pictures of Playfair Park. It is a one acre park close by my home.One acre is not very large but part of the charm of pocket parks is their smallness, their intimacy, their sense of enclosing everyone in the park and, because they are small, the sense of neighbourliness. These are not parks intended to attract vast crowds. Few people drive to such a park. Nearly everyone walks. There is the sense of this being our park.

I am so enamored of this park and, remember how small it is, that I want to share some more pictures.

In the last couple of days, I was overawed by the mountains of BC, of the rivers the colour of pale jade, of vast forests but here, in the park, I am enclosed not by majesty but intimacy.

The rolling foothills of Alberta, the big sky, the mesas and arryos make a world so large it seems impossible to encompass it. And Saskatchewan with its horizons at the edge of the world, its vast fields and, up close, its copses of trees and pools of dark water. Everything is big, makes me feel like I should be able to fly, to soar over it. But Playfair Park nestles me, fills up my soul with colour.

These are the early colours but soon they will fade and be replaced by the poppies, white, red, purple, yellow. The flowers of summer will bloom many shades of yellow. The lillies will compete for everyone’s attention.

I have seen some of it, I’ll miss some of it, but there’ll still be flowers in Playfair Park when I return and I will walk there again and fill up my soul with colour to last me the coming winter.